Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Song of the Day June 27th!! Among other things

Hello hello everyone. Today I figured I'd go into a little Kpop. If you guys didn't know already, I freaking LOVE Kpop. It mostly dominates my music world right now, so today's song will be a Kpop song. Actually, right now I'm listening to a Kpop song (Mirotic by TVXQ! which is not the song of the day). Anyway, SONG OF THE DAY TIME. Today's song of the day is 'No other' by (my favorite) Super Junior. These guys are really great. They are the first Kpop group I ever listened to, and the first one I liked. They are still my favorite!! If you're a Kpop lover too, you know all about having a bias. It's that one guy, or multiple guys, in the group that you like the most. Mine changes a lot, but at the moment I like Siwon who has been my bias for a while, and Eunhyuk, who is an amazing dancing machine. If you don't like Kpop or don't really know what it is, you probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about, so let's conitnue. This song was made somewhere in 2010, but is still a hit among Super Junior's songs. They tend to do many love songs and this is one of them. It has a light and upbeat sound and their melodic voices easily get stuck in your head. The style of the beat changes from a nice chorus harmony to a high note solo (sung by the #1 singer of the group, the youngest, Kyuhyun) and intertwines with a rap. I know that you guys don't know Korean, so you won't understand the words, but the point here is that it sounds REALLY good. If it makes you feel better you can look up the English translation. SO you guys should look up the video! YouTube: Super junior No Other music video. Click play, sit back, and enjoy the music. . . .Or, in my case, sing along in Korean words you don't understand and dance around like an idiot. Whatever works for you! As I've said before, this month's sun sign is Cancer. I know this is a little long, but I hope you enjoy my reviews. If you don't. . .then. . .well. . .ANYWAY, Sarang Hae to everyone and Good night depending on your clock!!

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