Monday, July 2, 2012

What the freak!! and Song of the Day July 2nd!!!

Hello again. Sorry for the delay! My internet was down on the 29th, when I was going to post another page, and it didn't get up and running again until today. SO how've ya been? I've just been a little busy lately writing another book and since the interent was all screwy, you know. Stuff happens and whatnot. ANYWAY today's Song of the Day is one I wouldn't have ever really contemplated on posting here. I've never blogged about this genre of music, and never about this song. I'm sorry, but it was stuck in my head a few days ago, so that means Song of the Day material. Without further impatience, today's Song is. . . . 'Sexy back' by none other than Justin Timberlake. Weird, right? See, I'm not even a fan of Justin Timberlake, and this song is pretty old, so why the freak was it stuck in my head?? Well, I was watching a video on YouTube with some of my favorite Kpop people in it-of course- and they put on Sexy back and started dancing to it like idiots. Since then that song was stuck in my head for at least 2 days. I haven't looked up the 'official' music video or the lyrics or anything, I just keep going back to that video. I'm pretty sure none of you would want to watch it though, since it's just some Korean guys in a radio station being funny. If you want you can look up the video though! Sing along, dance to it, whatever. Just. . . . Don't hurt yourself. Ah crap. Now that I'm typing about the song, it's stuck in my freaking head again. Time to watch the video for the thousandth time!! Ok, so I'm gonna go do that, you guys have a nice day and a great week. Once again this month's sun sign is the emotional Cancer. Have fun everyday, do what you love, and always have hope for whatever dream you're chasing. Sarang hae to everyone and Good night depending on your clock!

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