Sunday, May 20, 2012

Song of the Day, May 20th!!!

Hallo!!! Ok, I guess I should do this Song of the Day thingy every 2 days. . . .I'm getting kinda busy, moving and all. Ok, today's song of the day will be. . . . .Um. . .How about Rumor has it by Adele?? It's a good song!. . . .Ok, I just looked up the music video and I don't think there is an actual OFFICIAL official one. So, I guess LYRICS it is!! You guys should be able to figure out how to get to the lyrics, right? Good. This song is really great. Adele is actually one of my favorite singers in the ENTIRE universe and BEYOND. Her voice is really unique, and I've never heard one like it. Yes, yes, she's British. I think 'We are young' was the only American song that I've ever talked about, except that Vivaldi piece I  mentioned a few days ago. Anyway, look it up, listen to it, enjoy!! Sarang hae to everyone and Good Night depending on your clock!! Even though its not EVEN close to night time for me, over here in the SOUTH EAST!!! Yeah, I wish I was in California too. . . .Anyway, Sarang Hae!!!! ^-~

Friday, May 18, 2012

Song of the Day, May 18th!!!

Hey everyone. Yesterday did not have a song of the day because there wasn't a new song that was stuck in my head or sounded really good to me. Today's Song of the Day will, oddly enough, be Spring by Vivaldi. Yep, you heard it right: Classical music. I know a lot of people are like "Ugh, WTF? You like that classical crap??" Like I said, I love all kinds of music as long as it sounds good, and this does. I've always had a passion for classical pieces like this one. It reminds me of elegance, simplicity, and lots of other confusing stuffs. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it if you actually think about looking it up. I wouldn't be surprised if you all didn't, but it's good relaxation music. YouTube has a nice selection of Vivaldi's work, but I looked up: the 4 seasons Vivaldi. If you don't like it, tell me, if you do like it, tell me that too. And if you don't know what I'm talking about but have something you want to know, comment on it and I will try my best to answer! Sarang Hae to everyone and Good Night depending on your clock!! (0>0)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Song of the Day, May 16th!!

I thought today's Song would be What makes you beautiful by One Direction, but it isn't. I listened to it today and told my friend that I would make it the Song of the Day. I kept trying to think of it, but I just couldn't get this one song out of my head!! I know you guys are probably sick of Kpop, but this song just WILL NOT LEAVE MY BRAIN!!! I don't know why I even like it so much, its a sort of slow song. . . .I don't know. Ok, its Replay by SHINee. I know, I know, its Kpop. You guys are probably fed up with that music, I know that too. This song just sounds good for some reason. Its been in my head, leaking out of my mouth, working its way to my arms and legs and making me dance all day today. I  DO NOT get why this song sounds so good to me, though. The music behind the words is really good and such, but their voices are amazing. I love the way these guys sing. You guys should go on YouTube and look them up: SHINee replay official music video. Its kind of old though. It was uploaded 3 years ago! It still sounds good, I'll tell you that. They dress pretty old-schoolish, even for 2009. They were pretty young back then too. Taemin (guy in the yellow jacket, black hair in a weird bowl-ish hair cut) is only, like, 16 when they did this song. . . .Welps, ok then. I'm gonna keep this as short as I can. Sarang Hae to everyone and Good Night depending on your clock. I really wish I could stay here and type instead of going back to my crappy life. I guess I'm your average cyber kid or whatever. Anything to escape from something you hate, right? Anyway, its not like you guys should care, so yeah, Sarang Hae and whatnot!! ^-~

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Song of the Day, May 15th!!!

Ok, people. Big surprise today for our Song of the Day!!! Nope, its not Kpop. I'm pretty sure its not British either. It definitely isn't Russian. Somehow, its. . . . .(be ready to put yo surprise faces on!). . . . .SURPRISE!!! Did I scare you? Hehehe, see I was getting your hopes up then BAM. . .anyway. . .Today's Song of the Day is We are young by or sung by Janelle Monae. I love her voice, above everything. Its amazing, the sound of it. It reminds of Florence and The Machine (My favorite song of hers is Shake It Out). The reason I picked this song is because my AWESOME English teacher decided that since it was the last day we would have classes together, she'd put on some music of our choice. Of course, people chose this one at some point. Apparently, like British bands, this song just freakin' back-handed the whole country. I didn't like it much before because my friend WAY over-used it, but it took something from my wise old turtle dad to help me look past my dumb friend and really listen to the song. My dad says that it makes him feel young again, that it makes him remember when he could do ANYTHING. Have you guys figured out where I get my Wise Old Owl-ness from?. . .Yep, thats my Daddy! Anyway, after that I liked it a little more. Then I heard it again and I was like "YEAH LETS JAM OUT!!" because it actually sounds really good. Its got a nice beat, but this time that wasn't what made it awesome to me. Believe me, the beat is good, but the way her voice weaves into it makes the song perfect. That is what made me wanna get up and DANCE!! I've been singing parts of the song that I know all day today. My baby brothers have enjoyed the little concert. . . .A funny thing happened though, today at school. I'm in the classes with all the crazy smart, artistic, little bit messed up weird kids at school (OBVIOUSLY), so it only makes sense that when the song comes on, EVERYONE in my class sings along to it. And I mean EVERYONE. I looked around and there were only 2 people (including me) who weren't singing along. . .Yeah, we have a lot of fun in our classes. Okay, to look it up, type: Janelle Monae we are young. Click the first vid that has the lyrics on it, should be white words with a black background. Enjoy the song!! I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THAT YOU GET UP AND DANCE!!! Sarang Hae to everyone and Good Night, depending on your clock!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Song of the Day, May 14th!!!

Ok everyone, this is the official song of the day post. Today's song. . . . . .Gee by Girl's Generation!! YAY! Anyway, this song is by a girl Kpop group that has been famous for awhile. This is one of their older songs, made in 2009. They've featured with a few other Kpop groups like Super Junior. I've heard that they also go by the name of SNSD. . .Sorta confusing. There are some groups that do that too, like TVXQ!. They also go by the name of DBSK. I don't really get the whole 'initials' thing, but hey, it works for them. MESSAGE TO ALL MALE PEOPLE!! These girls are in their twenties, and skimpily dressed. They can dance too! Girls, for you, this won't do anything but chop your self-esteem into little bite-size pieces. They are cool though, and the song is very catchy. Before you get all excited and type it in, make sure you get the title right. WORDS TO TYPE IN ARE AS FOLLOWS!!!!: Girl's Generation gee. If you want, you could put in: SNSD gee, because it will pull up the same video. I think you guys will like this song, its got a good beat and it sounds good. Like I said, for me, the beat is just about everything in a song. And I approve this song as "THIS MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE!" So you should look it up. I know that no one will really read this or comment on it, but its good to talk about stuff you love. I encourage all you guys to find the thing your passionate about and stick with it. Everyone tells you that you can't get a job doing what you love, but who cares? You can get some stupid menial job (but i highly suggest doing something better than that, something you can like and be proud of, because flipping burgers definitely isn't that) that you work 9-5 or whatever, but at the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel. Why not do something that makes you feel GOOD instead of bored and searching? Yup, thats me, the wise old Owl. Anyway, Sarang Hae to everyone (by the way, if you havent figured it out, that means I love you in Korean) and Good Night depending on your clock!

Kpop AGAIN!!!!

Hey everyone. I started reading a book and listening to Kpop (Up & Down- SHINee), but I just ended up skipping to the end. It was a boring, blecky, really sad book that sux. In other words, not my type of reading material. The ending was happy though, so I skipped to that and kept replaying my song. I've had the song Gee by Girl's Generation stuck in my head for most of the day, and I kept singing it at school. I don't have a clue what the words mean, except a few. My friend (another Kpop maniac) told me that the word Banchae means sparkle. SOOOOO in the song they say "Banchae banchea nuni bishu or bisha" . . . So apparently that means "Sparkle Sparkle" and a bunch of Korean words. YEAH! Anyway, if you haven't guessed yet, Gee by Girl's Generation is the song of the day. Its a pretty old song, but its still really good. For you people that don't really know Kpop or don't know who SHINee is, the guy in the music video is Minho from SHINee. Cool right?? Not really. . . .But he's still cute and all. If you wanna look 'em up, type in: Girls Generation Gee. The first video should be it, so click, kick back, and enjoy. News flash to all guys!! I think you'll like this one. They are all girls that dress pretty skimpily (if thats a word). For you girls (depending on yo sexual orientations), it doesn't even matter. The song is awesome, and its about a love story or something. I wouldn't really know because I haven't any idea what the words mean. If you want a little more info on the song, check out the Song of the Day post that should be coming up soon. Sarang Hae to everyone and Good Night, depending on your clock. (Right now, mine says 7:23. . . . So not exactly good night for me either)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Song of the Day, May 13th!!

Hey guys. Going back to school tomorrow. . .The sad final days and all. Ok, Song of the Day. Dut Dut Dut Daaaaaa *drum roll* . . . . . . .SHINee- Lucifer. This song is amazing. Its all I've wanted to listen to all day for some reason. You guys will love it. For you people that love to get up and move and groove and whatnot, this song is definitely your thing. Kpop fans that love the slow songs. . .not so much. If you guys wanna look it up (WHICH I HIGHLY RECCOMEND), and you're on YouTube about to have your hands spaz across your keyboard, type in: SHINee Lucifer music video HD. The channel that posted the vid should be sment. They manage SHINee and a bunch of other Kpoppers. Anyway, its raining right now and I'm 'bout to get on Gmail to chat with some pals before I listen to some more Lucifer, maybe read a book, or just enjoy the sounds of nature outside my purple-curtained window. Please look up this song and keep reading my blog, and give me a clue on what to talk about next. Sarang Hae to everyone and Good Night, depending on your clock ^-~!

English Bands!!!!

Hey guys. Its only 5:30 or so, not as late as yesterday. I hope you guys followed my advice and look up some of these Kpoppers. . .If you did, were you assaulted with hotness? I'm still listening to Kpop (of course), but I thought we could talk about English bands today. One of my favorites is The Wanted. I'm not very diverse in the English music world, but I know about One Direction and The Wanted. Lets start with The Wanted first. Their songs are pretty good, keeping with the usual English style. My favorite song is obviously 'Glad you came'. You guys should check it out, see if you like it. They've only really just been discovered in America. I think they were on Good Morning America or something like that. They don't really dance or jump around like other boy bands, they just sing basically. News flash: do not wish they would dance. . .they're English. I'm not tryin' to be all stereotypical, but they really CANNOT dance. I guess I'm just to used to amazing Kpop dancers, but it is sadly true. At least they can sing, right? Right. Moving on! One direction just freaking slapped the whole nation in the face. Now girls all over America are swooning just at the sound of their name. My (American) friend loves them to death. Her ipod screen saver is a picture of Nayle, or Nile. . .However you spell that scotish dude's name. I just know he's a blondie. I guess they all started in Europe or something, but it seems like now the best British bands are slowly leaking into the U.S. Cool, huh? At least we're musically diverse. I'm glad though, because what would I do without Kpop?!?!? Anyway, if you guys know any other English bands sweeping the country or have questions about them, post a comment. What should we talk about next? I haven't a clue, so let me know what you guys wanna hear. Sarang Hae and good evening or afternoon or whatever to everyone. . .depending on your clock. Oh, speaking of, that stupid thing at the bottom of this comment that shows the time it was published. . .Don't listen to it!! It is being a liar. Its actually 5:50 right now. I don't know why its being a weirdo. . .Is it working for you guys??

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hey guys. Its 11:00 and I'm not getting too tired. Music subject of the day: Kpop. I am in LOVE with Kpop. Its basically the number 1 thing that I listen to. My favorite groups are SHINee, Super junior, TVXQ!, Girl's generation, and Big Bang. I'm actually listening to Kpop right now while I'm typing this (Purple Line by TVXQ!, feel free to look it up). I love the rap in this song. I know its a little weird for me to listen to music thats in a language I can't really understand, but the beats are amazing. And the lyrics still sound good. Basically, for me, the beat is everything. Not just the sound, the. . .feel. It just has to make my body move without me telling it to. That is what makes a good song to me. I'm not really one for the music in my country at the moment. If its not Kpop, it would be The Wanted or One Direction (English Bands). You should really look them up too. Ok, sort of irrelevant thought, but girls, be careful. When you look up any of these Kpop guys, you are going to be pummeled with insane hotness. These guys are le sexi (or most of them), they can sing, and they can DANCE like nobody's freakin' business. And guys, when you look up girl's generation, same thing goes for you. And these girl's are a little skimpy in the clothing department. Oh, that reminds me, to all girls/ guys, the Kpop boy outfits are a little. . . . . .odd. You're probably going to be surprised by the outfits after the hotness attacks you like a spider monkey on crack. Anyway, number one songs to look up: Hello by SHINee, Up & Down by SHINee, Ring Ding Dong by SHINee, Perfection by Super Junior, Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, Super Man by Super Junior, Bonamana by Super Junior, Super Girl- Korean version by Super Junior, Purple Line by TVXQ!, and Mirotic by TVXQ!. I know its a lot, but you really should look them up. And for you guys that wanna see these Kpop girl miracles, look up: Gee by Girl's Generation music video. Oh, and by the way guys, after each title you should put 'music video' or 'mv' or 'official music video', though there won't be one for all of them. And if you want, just pick one song then explore the suggestion box on YouTube. Trust me, you will NOT regret it. You guys got any comments on what tomorrow's chat session should be about? Feel free to tell me, 'cause I don't know. Sarang Hae to everyone, and good night.

First Post.....ever.

Hey! I'm new to blogging, but it seems like fun. This is my first post! This blog is probably going to be about whatever I feel like talking about the day I post something, but above all, music will be the top subject. I love all kinds of music, and I will probably be talking about different types on here. I hope the few people who see this will like it. I am a huge music lover and will continue to be as long as music is out there. CALLING ALL MUSIC FREAKS!! THIS IS THE BLOG FOR YOU! If you guys wanna talk about your favorite music, or have quesitons about music or anything else, comment on it and I will answer you!